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hi! this is the website of rishi veerepalli. i'm a freelance javascript developer who does work in react, bootstrap, and the c̷̀͒o̶͒͝n̴̋̊s̷̀̕u̶̾͘m̷̾̚p̴̽̍t̸̊̽i̴̐̀o̴̎n of human ̷̈́̀f̶̃̐l̸esh mm̵̭̕m̸̃͊ ̸̉̿y̴͐̿u̴m every n̡̈́i̵͈͝ğ̴̾h̸̉̚t̴̓̕ ̵̆͑i̷ feed ̶͋on th̵̅̒e̴̿ cadav̾ḗ̴r̶̃́s̶͂̋

you can download my cv here

just kidding you can't
get fucked

feel free to email me at hi[at]rishi.irish

just kidding you can't
get fucked
hoohaa hee hee



NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! this is not a real blog. thank you for your attention

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this website was created with: out any desire to build a good website
graciously hosted through matthew's braincells (yes, the same matthew ronchetto that played Dade "Zero Cool "Crash Override"" Murphy in the smash hit Hackers (1995) in the year of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, nineteen ninety-five)


Q: Why didn't you use ReactJS to build this website?
A: I want to go to heaven

Q: Why are you being so
A: I'm glad you asked! When the Weewoowahs first landed on solid ground, they couldn't due to the absence of gravity, which they did not know was possible, so they just stupidly bounced around in a capsule forming civilizations along the way, much in the same way that a DVD logo bounces around the screen and occasionally hits the corner. Eventually, the Weewoowahs discovered Russia, which had gravity at the time, and hit the ground, resulting in at least 1 fatality in both Russia and real life. And so, the Weewoowahs began working on a new technology named gravity, the recipe for which was eventually discovered by The Rishi in Lleb Labs. Due to the Conservation of Gravity principle, Russia quickly lost all its gravity. Because Russia is so big, the gravity was spread to the rest of the world with plenty to square for the forgotten land of Canada, which may or may not have existed as of 21 AL (After Lemon). I hope that clears things up for you a little bit.

Q: Can I leave now?
A: turns into a being of pure light